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May 24, 2017
Good Planning Comes From Adequate Capital

Pelotonia’s success is an excellent example of the value of capital to empower good planning and good implementation. The lack of sufficient capital to plan for and absorb surprises is often what gets new social enterprise start-ups into trouble.

May 17, 2017
Open Letter to Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

Open Letter to Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs: “Let me be the first — and perhaps only — person that recognizes you for your bravery and courage; a sacrifice to align purpose within the motivation for profit.”

Apr 7, 2017
More Innovative Ideas to Create Impact-Then What?

The challenge of a weekend program, however, is what to do next. The unbelievably high energy of a weekend event can lose momentum quickly without some structure and guidance to hold the team and its energy together. Working with GiveBackHack, the Center for Social Enterprise Development is taking a whack at the hack by offering the weekend participants “Next Steps”, an evening of structure.

Feb 8, 2017
Entrepreneurship: What’s In It for Our Communities?

We need to recognize that the value of exploring social entrepreneurship is not exclusively to become an entrepreneur. Rather, the value is always to have a meaningful experience in how to solve problems and develop new skills to solve problems.

Jan 5, 2017
Revisiting the Role of Pitch Events

I worry that the pitch is becoming an end in itself. After winning a pitch event, is the entrepreneur better off in a meaningful way?

Nov 16, 2016
Taking Stock of Where We Are

Our ultimate objective is to have a vibrant social entrepreneurial start-up ecosystem. Here are the five necessary ingredients and where I think Central Ohio currently is.

Sep 28, 2016
Many Ways for Companies to Demonstrate Their Social Responsibility

I am grateful that so many companies want to be listed in the Center for Social Enterprise Development’s social enterprise directory. The frustration, for them and us, is that some are not social enterprises but they are committed to being socially responsible. There are other ways for a company to demonstrate that it is a “good guy” other than being a social enterprise.

Aug 31, 2016
Equity Crowdfunding May Not Yet Be Right for Local Social Enterprises

Equity crowdfunding seems to be worthwhile to those companies that have already mastered reward crowdfunding. Few local social entrepreneurs have been successful in reward crowdfunding.

Jun 14, 2016
A Clear Story is Essential for Social Entrepreneurs

There has been a movement away from 85 page business plans toward leaner descriptions of a business, often called a “pitch”. A pitch is also an excellent way for an entrepreneur to maintain focus on vision and strategy while living in the “weeds” of daily operations. For a social entrepreneur, the pitch can also be the best way to stay anchored on social impact while promoting the product and its value to the customer.

Jun 10, 2016
June’s Social Impact Feature: THRIV3 LLC

Social enterprise THRIV3 LLC launches its first probiotic product, activechange™ Each month, the Center for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) publishes an article about a local social enterprise, showcasing its social impact within a specific focus area. June’s focus is social impact related to health. Below this article, please view a list of all local social […]