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Create social impact through your business purchases


SocialVentures has developed a new Business-to-Business Social Enterprise Buying guide in response to local companies that wish 
to use purchases from local social enterprises to meet part of their Diversity & Inclusion or Sustainability goals. Every social enterprise in this Guide creates social impact with the revenues from your purchase.


In this guide each social enterprise is identified by which United Nations Sustainable Development Goal is addressed by its social impact. More specific information on many social enterprises’ social impact can be found by visiting our online Marketplace. If you are responsible for your company’s Diversity & Inclusion or Sustainability purchasing program, you can use purchases from the social enterprises in this 
guide to meet your goals. By choosing to do business with local social enterprises, you are also helping to strengthen our community and provide hope to those that are less fortunate.


Download the Guide


Social Impact Boxes

Our social impact boxes are the perfect opportunity to show appreciation to your employees while supporting local businesses and social causes. Each box includes a collection of products from social enterprises in Central Ohio; across our standard and seasonal box options, you’ll find goodies like candles, coffee, tea, hot sauce, and more to brighten up your employees’ home offices.

Additionally, by purchasing a box, you will help provide employment for human-trafficking survivors and refugees, plus support for hunger relief organizations and nonprofits that fight homelessness and provide employment for individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment. It’s the perfect corporate gifting solution for a socially conscious organization!