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Sep 4, 2020

A New Way For Business: The Sixth Annual SocialVentures Report

SocialVentures is proud to announce the 2020 Annual Report: The State of Social Enterprise in Central Ohio. Every year, we showcase the amazing social enterprises that have gone above and beyond to serve their community. This year, we celebrate the resiliency and dispatch of social enterprises and small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. For most, 2020 was a year to adapt their business and mission to sudden economic changes, strive to survive financially, and plan for an uncertain future.

From gearing up and transforming, to evolving and coming together, our social enterprises have found a new way for business during this time, demonstrating their remarkable mission-focus and non-negotiable commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

To see how they did it, click here and download the 2020 SocialVentures Annual Report.