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Sep 11, 2015

A Restaurant That Supports Food Pantries

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Dan Eaton of Columbus Business First recently published an interview with Mary Lyski of Double Comfort restaurant, a social enterprise in Central Ohio.  Double Comfort is one of many social enterprises in our online directory and also one for whom we have completed a profile of their business and social impact.

Social enterprises are an evolving business type and the ways of growing social impact are a major area of innovation.  Mary and her partner, Jason Miller, channel profits and solicit donations to food pantries. Why this channel for social impact?  Her take:  “ I don’t want to get in the way and become a food pantry myself. I want to give the money to people who already know what they’re doing and are making a difference.

What is a new twist in that familiar “donate profits” approach to creating social impact is that they are exploring expanding their social impact through a restaurant franchise model.  This is not my area of expertise, so let me quote from the interview:

“How do you envision the franchise program working? I came from the corporate hotel business, so I know a little bit about franchising. We’re putting together a plan. The franchise piece isn’t for us to make money. We want to help other people set up a similar business model. They can have a similar menu, if they choose, and to structure the Buy a Meal Give a Meal. We have a lawyer on our advisory board helping us put that together now. The only questions are, how do we keep consistent product if they choose to do another menu? We’d be glad to turn over our recipes to anyone who wants to start this endeavor as long as they have the Buy a Meal, Give a Meal piece and donate their profits. … Chef has great food.”  Intrigued?  Send them a tweet @Double_Comfort .

If you love food, check out the 27 social enterprises in Central Ohio currently involved in the food business.  Give them your business, and you will start another ripple of social impact that will make our community a better place for all.

Yours in Linking Mission to Money,

Allen Proctor