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Apr 22, 2016

April’s Social Impact Feature: SCRAM!

Each month, the Center for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) publishes an article about a local social enterprise, showcasing its social impact within a specific focus area. April’s focus is social impact related to the environment, and was written by CSED’s intern, Daisy Christophel, who is soon graduating from The Ohio State University. Below this article, please view a list of all local social enterprises committed to this focus area.

4 Reasons In 4 Minutes Why You Should SCRAM!

Meet Adam Turpin. He’s the director of SCRAM! Wildlife Control (Suburban Commercial and Residential Animal Management) for the Ohio Wildlife Center and has been for eight years. CSED sat down to chat with Adam about all the benefits SCRAM! offers you, wildlife and the community.

Adam Turpen, SCRAM Director

As Adam tells us, the vision for SCRAM! really started about 30 years ago when founder (of the Ohio Wildlife Center) and veterinarian, Dr. Donald Burton, saw a need for a wild animal rehab center, because sick and injured animals were continually brought to him.

“Fifteen years later, he saw a niche in providing alternatives to traditional trapping for nuisance control animals,” says Adam.

Here’s a list of our favorite reasons why you should choose and support SCRAM!, a social enterprise of the Ohio Wildlife Center

1. Cute dogs, biology and non-lethal approach (yes they all work together)

SCRAM! provides Ohio’s only 100% non-lethal nuisance control. Using biology and behavior approaches, they focus on the root of the problem, whether it’s prevention, exclusion or eviction.

They even reunite babies (outside of your home) with the mama, when she has chosen your home as a birthing hospital. All of their technicians have degrees in wildlife or biology. So they understand why the problem is happening and how to fix it. Depending on the situation, they sometimes rely on predator-prey drive. For example, these dogs can help with geese mitigation at places like the zoo.

Blaze (left) QuiK (right)
Blaze (left) QuiK (right)

2. Education

They don’t just come in and fix your problems, they share what they know. They educate each client about their situation and situations they might encounter.
They do community outreach and education at places such as farmers markets or craft fairs. Not to mention the revenue supports other education programs, but we’ll get to that. Because their technicians have degrees in wildlife or biology, they know their stuff and will help you know yours, too.

“We really enjoy what we do, educating people about things that are going on at their home they may not know about, is very empowering for us as well as the home owner,” Adam shares.

3. Technology

One way they evict animals are one way doors. After they’ve accessed the situation, such as structural weakness, they apply a one way door at the point of entry with an indicator when something leaves. Once an animal is gone they come back and repair the area making sure it can’t return.

4. Everyone wins

Working with SCRAM! doesn’t only benefit you and the animals but it supports the mission of the Ohio Wildlife Center and its programs.

“Our goal has been to generate revenue that’s 25% of our operating budget and we’re very very close to that aggressive goal. We see the impact that it can make on the overall mission of the Ohio Wildlife Center, ” Adam explains.

What happens when they find an injured animal at your house? They house it at their free animal hospital, which SCRAM!’s revenue helps support. If the animal can’t be rehabilitated it becomes an animal ambassador to appear at education programs for the Ohio Wildlife Center. In the future Adam hopes to expand SCRAM! services to other areas of Ohio, offset rehab center costs because funding for that cause is hard to come by and also hopes to continue to expand education programs in other areas as well. See? Wins all around. Especially if you get to see those cute border collies.

Want to hear some cool stories and keep up to date on events? Follow the Ohio Wildlife Center on Facebook.

Central Ohio’s social enterprises dedicated to creating positive change for the environment

CSED maintains a directory of social enterprises throughout Central Ohio. We are in the process of developing at-a-glance profiles for each social enterprise, intended to inform consumers, funders, impact investors and individual donors of investment-worthy causes. Here are the social enterprises we’ve identified to date, whose focus is creating social impact for the environment. We encourage you to learn more, consider supporting these organizations, or inform us of additional social enterprises that share this focus.