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Nov 3, 2015

Columbus celebrates outstanding social entrepreneurs

Last week Columbus celebrated social enterprise in Central Ohio and singled out five social entrepreneurs.  The five finalists were Candle with a Cause, PackH2O, Hot Chicken Takeover, Roosevelt Coffeehouse, and Pearl Interactive Network.  Click on their names to see the profile of the their business, their social impact, and how you can help them to prosper.  Channeling profits to targeted charitable organizations, providing safe ways to deliver water in developing countries, providing stability through employment and lifestyle support, and providing jobs to veterans facing special challenges are the types of impacts these outstanding companies provide.  The winners were Pearl Interactive Network and Hot Chicken Takeover.  Congratulations to Merry Korn and Joe DeLoss for building their impressive businesses.

You can see the range of social impacts created by enterprises by clicking on the highlighted enterprises in our social enterprise directory.  If you want to see the range of activities going on in Central Ohio through our social sector, be sure to check in to the Center’s facebook page  and share with your friends.