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Aug 23, 2017

Expert help for social entrepreneurs

When we talk with social entrepreneurs, they often say capital is what they most need.  While at some point that is correct, further discussion reveals that what they most need in their early stages is good advice and feedback.

SocialVentures just announced several new ways to get that advice.  First is the SocialVentures Advisor Program.  We envisage matching advisor expertise to social entrepreneur needs.  Fill out the questionnaire to become an advisor or to request an advisor, and we will take it from there.

Second is our Expert Eval program.  This one-hour gap analysis program is designed to help identify key challenges in an enterprise’s growth and address surface-level challenges.  This program is by application only,  due by September 20.  We have lined up experts in business planning and market planning who have volunteered to review social entrepreneurs’ plans and provide them with a one-on-one hour of feedback.  

Third, we have established Partner Programs with Lextant and Rev1 Ventures.  Social enterprises must meet certain qualifications in order to apply.  Lextant offers pro bono customer experience studies and Rev1 Ventures offers seats in its Customer Learning Lab market research bootcamp.  

You can learn more about the more than 20 new programs we launched this month at our new website  

All these programs need your support.  Volunteer to be an advisor or expert.   Donate so we can continue to offer these value programs to help our emerging social enterprise sector to thrive.  And learn about social enterprise developments by following us on Facebook and Twitter.  

Allen Proctor, President & CEO

SocialVentures (formerly Center for Social Enterprise Development)