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Feb 27, 2019

Help SocialVentures Knock Out Poverty!

The time to Knock Out Poverty in central Ohio is NOW! Your online donation to SocialVentures at can help us win a portion of the $200,000 prize pool at stake in United Way of Central Ohio’s friendly bracket challenge, Knock Out Poverty.

If you haven’t made an annual gift yet (or even if you have) we need YOUR support! Donations made to your favorite nonprofit (that’s us, right?) between February 25 and March 10 at will give us a strong start. You’ll want to check back when the bracket standings go live at 8 a.m. March 11 to see how your gift helped us get a jump on the competition. Keep checking back all week as we compete to go on to Week 2 and a shot at that prize pool!

The best part? No matter who wins, we ALL win!

Get in the game today and donate to SocialVentures at to help us Knock Out Poverty. You can find us in the GREEN bracket at

P.S. 100% of your gift made at will go to SocialVentures!