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Jul 20, 2013

How Allen Proctor’s Grid Will Revolutionize Your NonProfit

Georgia Nonprofit NOW, a quarterly member publication of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, has recently published an excellent summary of my Linking Mission to Money Grid and how it aids an understanding of the role of mission and profit in a sustainable nonprofit business.  Its title adds a little blush to my face, but here it is How Allen Proctor’s Grid Will Revolutionize Your Nonprofit.  With their permission, here is the article.
This visual tool makes it clear how to avoid mission drift and how to find an appropriate role for profitability among the many business activities any nonprofit engages in.  Learn more about the appropriate role of profit and mission in Linking Mission to Money, Second Edition.  I would be delighted to speak to your group to help them to “revolutionize” their strategy to achieve sustainability.