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Jul 30, 2010

New Book Now Available!

More Than Just Money: Practical and Provocative Steps to Nonprofit Success

I am pleased to announce the release of my second book, More Than Just Money: Practical and Provocative Steps to Nonprofit Success! This book represents five years of thinking about what nonprofit executives and boards need to know. Each chapter addresses one or more challenges my clients have faced and their successes. Their stories illustrate that success in the nonprofit world is not guaranteed by wealth. Success requires more than just money. The lessons in my new book will help you succeed within your available resources. Order your copy today!

“In this valuable book, Allen’s expertise is blended with his passion for a healthy nonprofit sector- one of the clearest roadmaps for improvement you will find anywhere.”

Douglas F. Kridler

President & CEO, The Columbus Foundation

From his emphasis on the need for partnership between boards and management, to aligning spending with mission, to motivating the modern donor, [Allen] conveys unusual breadth of knowledge and insight.”

Seth Patton

VP & CFO, Denison University

“…basic and inspirational for all of us in the nonprofit world…A primer to help boards and staffs adapt to the new climate of perpetual change. Brilliant!”

Bill Conner

President & CEO, Columbus Association for the Performing Arts

Visit for more information or to order your copy today!