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Oct 21, 2016

October’s Social Impact Feature: More Than Scholarships, Flora Stationery Funds Futures

flora-logo3When Ashley VanBuskirk was pursuing a degree in international studies and journalism from Miami University (Ohio), she took a summer-long internship at a national news agency based in Kosovo. Her assignments, typically human interest stories, led her to a woman named Ema, who couldn’t afford a college education because her father had died a few years prior. Ema’s family was living in poverty. She had no safety net to fall back on, and few viable options.

Ashley was moved by Ema’s story and started to look for scholarships that Ema could apply for, to help reduce the cost to get the degree she needed to break the cycle of poverty to go on to build a career. But Ema didn’t qualify for traditional grants.

Ashley returned from her experience abroad, but Ema’s story continued to gnaw away at her. She shared Ema’s story with her sister, Victoria. In 2013, they decided to give crowd-funding a go as a short-term solution. But then, realizing that it only covered one semester for one woman, and knowing there were countless others just like Emma, they were determined to do more, and do it in a way that was more sustainable.

When they approached the idea of creating a social enterprise, they considered several product-based ideas, such as school supplies, but landed on stationery. It was simple, everyone can use it, and they were able to identify women in Kosovo who designed and created beautiful journals. All indications pointed to this as the solution they wanted to pursue.journal

“As social entrepreneurs, we have learned the importance of a fail-learn-repeat process,” said Victoria VanBuskirk, whose focus is on Flora Stationery’s social impact. “You have to be equally humble about what you learn, as you are eager to persevere. You can’t let failure or the fear of failure paralyze you.”

To give you an idea of Flora’s social impact math, 25 journal sales represents one semester’s tuition for one individual. Now fast forward and scale that to what they have accomplished in just over two years. Today, Flora Stationery provides scholarships to more than 25 women each semester. They’ve been able to fund a total of 80 semesters. Flora Stationery products are sold online and in more than 32 retail organizations throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. And all 32 of these organizations reached out to Ashley and Victoria because they heard about their cause and wanted to support it.

As Flora continues to flourish, Ashley advises others considering social enterprise to work with a great team. “Communicate with as many organizations doing the same or similar things that you’re interested in solving for the greater good. We learned a lot going through the Center for Social Enterprise Development’s accelerator program. This process helped us recognize that beyond college tuition, we wanted to help these women build great careers.”

Three of the women Flora Stationery provided scholarships for an English camp (Summer 2015).

Kosovo has the highest unemployment rate in all of Europe and holds a female unemployment rate of over 41%. Yet women with a university degree are over 28 times more likely to be employed than those with a basic education. Kosovo is also the poorest country in the region, with approximately 30% of the population living in poverty and another 10% who live in extreme poverty, living off less than one dollar per day.* 

*Sources: Republic of Kosovo, Office of the Prime Minister/Poverty Spurs Mass Migration


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