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May 14, 2012

Ohio’s Nonprofit Leaders Speak Out

As part of my overall initiative to help those in the nonprofit industry, I am currently conducting a survey of Ohio’s nonprofit leaders to determine their outlook on the future. It is crucial that we address the issues facing Ohio’s nonprofits, but we must first define them.

The online survey will allow for the input of Ohio’s many nonprofit organizations to be heard as a collective voice. Questions surround the challenges and trends impacting each individual. How are financial goals and outlooks changing? What is happening as an outcome?

I will be using the survey results to establish the future outlook of Ohio’s nonprofits and educate our audiences on what we are truly facing. I will create a compiled report which will include my recommendations and new ideas for solutions that will keep Ohio’s nonprofits sustainable. Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the report in appreciation for their participation.

Help define the state of our industry and partake in this short survey. The questionnaire will be open until May 25; don’t miss out on the chance to let your voice be heard!

Click here to begin the survey now.