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Aug 10, 2020
OhioHealth to sponsor 2020 RePositioned to Prosper: PtP Reimagined series.

SocialVentures is excited to announce our Series Sponsor for the 2020 RePositioned to Prosper: PtP ReImagined virtual event.  For the last five years, we hosted our annual Positioned to Prosper event in person, celebrating the incredible work of our 104+ social enterprises. This year, we’ve decided to pivot, due to the now uncertain foreseeable future […]

Aug 4, 2020
RePositioned to Prosper: Our annual event, reimagined.

This time last year, we gathered together at the Columbus Museum of Art for Positioned to Prosper 2019 to celebrate the 98+ social enterprises that encompass the SocialVentures family. This year, we’re doing things a little differently.  Just as many of you have had to adjust to new challenges and obstacles, SocialVentures has also had […]

Jul 20, 2020
‘Zombie philanthropy’- how donor advised funds might actually harm organizations during a pandemic.

Donor-advised funding, also known as DAFs, is the process by which the money and assets that is intended to go to a non-profit someday, has no payout requirements, and can virtually sit in a “fund” for decades. The controversial method of charitable giving, also known as “zombie philanthropy,” is also one of the most booming, […]

Jul 9, 2020
Cova Owners Navigate Hurdles & Virus Complications to Nurture Coworking Community

Perhaps you could call Meghan and Josh Boone’s social enterprise startup a co-labor of love. The couple opened Cova Cowork at Gravity in Franklinton in late 2019, fueled by their experiences visiting and working in shared spaces, and finding a need for that same kind of environment to foster remote work-life balance in Central Ohio. The […]

Jun 29, 2020
Azoti Evolves to Find New Ways to Connect Local Produce with Consumers

In 2012, David Ranallo learned that the food space needed his help. After working with direct-to-consumer programs in several industries and learning about the power of decentralization, he discovered that the same could be applied in the food and farming sector.  “With the meat processors, the big farms, there are very few middle-class farms; everything’s […]

Jun 29, 2020
‘Digital Imaginary Friend’ Helps Kids Process Their Emotions Through Chronic Illness—and a Pandemic

French for “to improve,” Bonifier was developed to do just that. Founder Ryan Scott came up with the idea for a web-based app— a virtual sidekick called Pip—two years ago to improve the pediatric-patient experience. Scott’s goal is for Pip to help alleviate the fear, anxiety and loneliness experienced by sick children. “1.7 million kids receive inpatient treatment (every […]

Apr 2, 2020
How Buying a ‘Box’ Saves Jobs and Supports Local Social Enterprises

SocialVentures’ Impact Boxes can be purchased by visiting The boxes start at $50 and include free shipping.  Check out any Facebook or Twitter feed in this new work-from-home era, and you’ll see all kinds of new groups dedicated to helping and supporting local small businesses. Everyone seems to be worried—but most want to turn that […]

Feb 14, 2020
Clintonville bakery thrives by putting employees with disabilities front-and-center

Glance above the counter at the Clintonville bakery Food for Good Thought, and it’s right there, printed in red. In 2018, the bakery’s customers tipped $653. These above-and-beyond incremental dollars provided more than 70 hours of paid employment to the individuals with disabilities, whose pictures hang on the opposite wall. But those numbers are now […]

Feb 11, 2020
New SocialVentures board appointments announced

SocialVentures is proud to announce the appointment of six new members to the SocialVentures Board of Directors. Joining the board, effective Feb. 1, are Ian Bailey, Seth Cramer, Derek DeHart, Jenna Mackey, Kimberly Tapia, and Donald Wells. The new members will serve under Board Chair Andrea Applegate. “We are thrilled,” Applegate said, “to have such […]

Jan 24, 2020
Modcon Living Continues to Make an Impact with Help of Social Enterprise

If you’re of a “certain age”—read, “OK, Boomer”—you likely remember the late ‘60s, early ‘70s ABC series “The Mod Squad.” The series featured an unlikely trio of undercover detectives, each representing a segment of the era’s counterculture, tackling big, sticky cultural issues. Today, Columbus has its own Mod Squad in the form of a social enterprise founded […]