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Sep 1, 2017

Social Enterprise and Human Virtue

As everyone prepares for a well-deserved Labor Day weekend break, I am truly grateful for all the remarkably good businesses that intentionally integrate social impact as a non-negotiable component of their business model.  They embody the positive virtues of business.

In that vein I would like to repeat Ghandi’s Seven Dangers to Human Virtue in hopes they may inspire you for the coming months to follow the path our social enterprises are laying before us:  social good as an integral component of our daily lives and enterprises.

Ghandi’s 7 Dangers to Human Virtue

  1. Wealth without work
  2. Pleasure without conscience
  3. Knowledge without character
  4. Business without ethics
  5. Science without humanity
  6. Religion without sacrifice
  7. Politics without principle

Post them on the wall of your office.  I face them every day.  It’s a good thing.

And you can do a good thing every day by giving a social enterprise your business.  Go to the SocialVentures Marketplace and pick a social enterprise to buy from in the next week.  And support SocialVentures’ work to advance these businesses with your tax-deductible donation through the Giving Store.

Allen Proctor, President & CEO