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Jun 18, 2021

Support Social Enterprises this Father’s Day

Do you need help finding a last minute Father’s Day gift?

There are many social enterprises in central Ohio that have perfect gifts to celebrate your father while also supporting important causes.

Food, Coffee, & Desserts

Global Gallery is Fairtrade and focuses on developing cultural enrichment through educational workshops and social events.

Thirdway Café was built by the community, for the community with the sole purpose of pursuing good with the community.

Bottoms Up Coffee strives to achieve positive social change through great coffee and active community engagement.

Roosevelt Coffeehouse fights against injustices of hunger, unclean water, sex trafficking, and slavery.

Freedom a la Cart empowers survivors of human trafficking while supplying meal subscription services, a café, and more!

Fourteen Twenty Nine brings people together and builds measurable change to vulnerable and trafficked women in our community.

Coco Cat Confections helps with the overpopulation of cats in the city, and makes delicious chocolate treats while doing so.

Double Comfort Foods is a southern foods business that aims to end hunger through the sale of artisanal plant-based foods. 

Hot Chicken Takeover provides employment to men and women who need a fair chance to work through serving fried chicken and side dishes like macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and more. Buy your father a gift card or have your Father Day’s dinner at Hot Chicken Takeover. 

Things for the House

Eleventh Candle Co candles are working globally to redeem, restore, empower and equip those vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation and addiction.

Reuse Revolution can help your mom move towards a zero-waste lifestyle, including cups, straws, cleaning clothes, phone cases, and more.

Keepsake Theme Quilts can help you (and mom!) clean out the special t-shirts hanging around and turn them into a quilt worth keeping.


Ruling Out eXperiences helps create generations of confident girls who control their relationships, experiences, and decisions. Check out its Father’s Day campaign about father figures and men empowering young girls. 

Clothe Ohio donates shirts and sweatshirts to those who don’t have the resources to buy clothing. Its clothing is perfect for the warm summer months. 

Wild Tiger Tees provides jobs to youth ages 18-24 who are experiencing homelessness.