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Sep 14, 2017

Why Big Business Should Support Social Enterprise

There is a case to be made for well-established businesses to view supporting social enterprises as an effective complement to their existing civic engagement.  That is why I spent time mailing copies of our latest report on social enterprise in Central Ohio to business and civic leaders.  You can download a copy here.   

Here is my argument.  If you are convinced, spread the word to the business leaders you know.  

SocialVentures is committed to making social enterprises key players in local economic and social development. I invite you and your company to join us in that effort. 

Social enterprises create the same social good as our nonprofit sector.  They provide jobs to groups left behind in our economy and  address community problems of hunger, infant mortality, environment, and health.  They do not ask for donations.  

Here are three ways business can partner with SocialVentures to help these businesses make Central Ohio a community of social innovation through enterprise.

  1. Over 26 local social enterprises are B2B and provide numerous products and services your company already buys.  Carve out some purchases to channel to social enterprises.  You can explore them at our Marketplace by clicking on the B2B box.
  2. Young employees have skills they want to volunteer to help social enterprises.  Invite them to join the SocialVentures Advisor Program and we will match them with these good businesses. 
  3. The Social Ventures Fund provides a way to use a small portion of your company’s capital to leverage the reach of your charitable and community efforts by investing in these emerging businesses.  

Can your company tap one or more of these options to make Central Ohio a center of social innovation?

That is the pitch.  Share it with your colleagues and on social media.  More information on the level of activity and good created by social enterprises can be found on Facebook and Twitter.  If you are a business that wants to get involved, contact us here.  

You can help us to spread the message about social enterprise by donating to SocialVentures.  It is easy; just click here.  

Allen Proctor, President & CEO, SocialVentures