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Sep 14, 2017
Why Big Business Should Support Social Enterprise

I believe there is a case to be made for well-established businesses to view supporting social enterprises as an effective complement to their existing civic engagement.

Aug 29, 2017
New Service Offerings Now Available to Advance the Social Enterprise Sector

On August 15, 2017, SocialVentures (formerly the Center for Social Enterprise Development), joined by social entrepreneurs, funders and community partners, celebrated its third year, which included the launch of the organization’s new name and brand, SocialVentures. During the organization’s annual Positioned to Prosper event at the Columbus Museum of Art, SocialVentures’ President and CEO, Allen […]

Aug 9, 2017
The Center for Social Enterprise Development is now SocialVentures

Starting today and continuing through August 15 we will be rolling out the exciting changes to the Center for Social Enterprise Development. Today you are receiving our first blog under our new name, SocialVentures.  Our new website will go live August 15.  There you will see many valuable new features such as the social […]

Aug 2, 2017
New Fund to Support Social Enterprises

I am thrilled to announce that Social Ventures Fund, LLC had its first close and has come into formation.  It will remain open for new investors for the next 18 months.  This is a great opportunity for individuals, family funds, and companies to extend their philanthropy into their investment portfolio.

May 31, 2017
What makes a company good?

I welcome the number of efforts to recognize and encourage companies to do good in the community. Many labels are being created, yet it would be a mistake to make qualifying for a particular label the criterion for being considered a good company.

Feb 16, 2017
The MidWest Is Getting On the Social Entrepreneurial Map

Central Ohio is getting on the map when one of the oldest social impact investors in the U.S., RSF Social Finance, cold calls the Center for Social Enterprise Development to ask to be introduced to our most dynamic local social enterprises and to some of our major local players.

Nov 23, 2016
Revisiting the Role of Small in Economic Development

While the “home run” of helping to found the next “google” is a worthy goal, it is more probable that a series of “singles” to found and support small, local “lifestyle” businesses may contribute more to increasing prosperity and reducing poverty in our community.

Oct 12, 2016
Charitable Giving Not Keeping Up with Demands on Nonprofits

Charitable giving as a share of nonprofit revenues in the U.S. has declined each year since 2008, reaching down to just 21 percent of nonprofit revenues by 2012. This decline has two causes: the inability of charitable giving to keep up and the decision by more nonprofits to develop new sources of earned revenue, often through social enterprise.

Oct 10, 2016
Social Entrepreneurship Needs More Women to Engage

I have to believe that encouraging both men and women to work jointly to start and invest in social enterprise will be more successful than creating gender-isolated programs. While high tech has enough single-gender momentum to need some gender catch up, social enterprise is still young enough for us to build gender diversity from the ground up. Let’s work to make that happen!

Aug 31, 2016
Equity Crowdfunding May Not Yet Be Right for Local Social Enterprises

Equity crowdfunding seems to be worthwhile to those companies that have already mastered reward crowdfunding. Few local social entrepreneurs have been successful in reward crowdfunding.