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Social Enterprise - The Impact Model of the Future

Join the Capital City Organizational Development Network (CCODN) for a session on “Social Enterprise – The Impact Model of the Future” on September 19. This event will take place from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Goodwill Columbus, located at 1331 Edgehill Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212. Tickets are $3o for non-CCODN members.

Are profitability and positive social impact, mutually exclusive? Find out more! Join us for a discussion of this major trend. Amber Runyon will be our guest speaker. This event is being presented in partnership with Goodwill Columbus and SocialVentures.

Why does social enterprise matter to Organizational Development professionals? Here’s a list of connections between Organization Development and Social Enterprise:

  • Social Enterprise is about implementing sustainable change, and creating self sustaining organizations
  • Social Enterprise holds within it, the belief that a small group can measurably change the world
  • Social Enterprise asks us to think of talent in terms of potential as opposed to accomplishments
  • Social Enterprise is disrupting the future of non-profit business model
  • Social Enterprise seeks to implement systematic change to conquer systemic challenges
  • Social Enterprise asks us to rethink hiring practices into operating budgets


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