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А какой вариант взять деньги в долг предпочитает подавляющее большинство заёмщиков? Думаю, не ошибёмся, если скажем, что это будет микрозайм онлайн без отказа. Ведь гарантия одобрения - это крайне важный момент. Только современные микрофинансовые организации смогут её дать в нынешнем мире кредитов.

Central Ohio Women in the Trades


Central Ohio Women in the Trades offers DIY Home Repair Workshops for Women and fosters relationships between tradeswomen and their community.


Founded in 2017, Central Ohio Women in the Trades encourages women's economic and social empowerment and addresses gender bias across skilled trades by promoting pay equity in the construction industry; offering skilled trade workshops and public education to women and girls; and providing mentorship and support to current tradeswomen and those entering an apprenticeship.

Our Social Impact

We measure our social impact by the interest of girls and women we work with through community events, the number of women who successfully attend our DIY Home Repair workshops as well as the partnerships we build within our community.

Community events: 150-200 girls and women
DIY Workshops: 100-150 women
Community Partnerships: 10-15 organizations