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Positioned to Prosper • August 3, 2021
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Chroma Consulting

Office Supplies & Professional Resources

We leverage our expertise by offering personalized consultative services around reviewing, recommending, and implementing best workplace practices and policies for LGBTQ employee inclusion and retention.


Chroma Consulting's mission is to improve the workplace experience for LGBTQ employees by providing LGBTQ-focused cultural competency training and policy expertise to employers.

Our Social Impact

We measure our social impact by the number of workplaces and employees in the workplaces that we touch. We also gauge social impact by the additional education and advocacy capacity that is achieved for Equality Ohio Education Fund because of the fees for service generated through Chroma Consulting.

Chroma Consulting has provided training in six workplaces, 2 of which were for-profit, and two of which were non-profit or educational. Chroma Consulting has generated approximately $5,000 in general operation funds for EOEF to use as needed in our education and advocacy efforts.