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А какой вариант взять деньги в долг предпочитает подавляющее большинство заёмщиков? Думаю, не ошибёмся, если скажем, что это будет микрозайм онлайн без отказа. Ведь гарантия одобрения - это крайне важный момент. Только современные микрофинансовые организации смогут её дать в нынешнем мире кредитов.


Financial Services & Office Supplies & Professional Resources

Takes paperwork off of the desks of non-profit leaders, allowing them peace of mind, continuity of information and more time for what really matters: their mission.


In(form)ed partners with nonprofits to ensure that our compliance management service reduces risks, evokes trust, provides continuity, and protects organization leadership. Compliance is our business.

Our Social Impact

The number of compliance forms submitted, ensuring existing nonprofits remain in business and working towards their mission. As the program just launched in early 2018, we have submitted 3 forms on behalf of prospective clients, which allowed those clients to focus more time and energy on their mission.