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Positioned to Prosper • August 3, 2021
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Double Comfort Foods

Food & Drink

A southern foods business created to help enDouble Comfort is in business to end hunger through the sale of artisanal plant-based foods. To that end, we donate 100% of net profits to hunger-relief charities.


All profits from the sale of our southern foods are donated to hunger-relief agencies who work to help rebuild lives. We have donated money for over 99,080 meals to date (April, 2018). For a list of recipients, go to:

Our Social Impact

We measure our social impact in meals provided through our donation of profits. We also select hunger-relief agency partners, in addition to providing nutritious food to those in need, by the work they do to help people become self-sufficient. Money for 135,000 meals has been donated so far and 4 people are employed by us, along with the dozens of suppliers we purchase from.