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Office Supplies & Professional Resources

Fortuity provides quality, state of the art omni-channel outsourced customer experience and BPO services. Our 500- seat center is located in the heart of Franklinton where we employ an under-utilized inner-city workforce and invest heavily in technology, training, retention and advancement. Our employees have brighter futures, which helps them provide better service for our clients.


Fortuity is a large-scale social employer whose mission is to hire, retain and advance hundreds of employees living in low-opportunity inner-city neighborhoods into economically self-sufficient jobs with real career opportunities. Fortuity teaches wage-improving, career-advancing skills that are both permanent and portable, offers jobs that are accessible and enables real wage advancement through consistent performance and hard work.

Fortuity is located in Franklinton, one of the lowest opportunity neighborhoods in Central Ohio. Fortuity finds potential employees living and working in Columbus’ inner-city who want better employment. We understand the complicated dynamics of poverty and sustaining employment, and help to mitigate barriers by co-locating high-need nonprofit services at the employment site that help our employees retain their employment and further their careers.

For our clients, Fortuity offers high-quality, competitively-priced service for their customers, with the bonus of highly marketable, socially responsible corporate citizenship – merely by being intentional about sourcing.

Fortuity is dedicated to creating positively better outsourced support experiences for our clients and their customers by doing more for the people in our communities.

Our Social Impact

Fortuity is a start-up social enterprise in Franklinton currently renovating a 75K SF building in Franklinton that will house 500+ contact center and BPO jobs easily accessible by public transportation. Our current onsite nonprofit partners include Columbus Works and Mount Carmel Health Systems. In 2018 over 22,000 visits were made to the partners in our building.

We measure our social impact based on the number of people we employ, retain and advance who had been living in poverty and working in jobs that provided no opportunity for them to become economically self-sufficient. We also measure the number of people served by our partner nonprofit organizations.