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Freedom a la Cart

Food & Drink

Your order helps human trafficking survivors become self-sufficient.


Freedom a la Cart empowers survivors of human trafficking to build a new life of freedom and self-sufficiency. Our catering and box lunch service provide a genuine culinary experience through our delicious cause cuisine.

Our Social Impact

Each year Freedom a la Cart provides a myriad of supportive services to over 200 survivors with an overall commitment to healing, wellness, empowerment and self-sufficiency. Since launching the social enterprise, Freedom a la Cart has offered employment training to survivors. Our results are self-sufficient women who are earning their first paycheck, opening checking & savings accounts, getting their driver’s license, buying a car, moving into their own apartments, going to college and regaining custody of their children.

In the last three years FALC has employed 75 survivors in our paid workforce training program, 26 survivors have transitioned from our program to sustainable employment within the community and 80% have received no new criminal charges. In 2019, 280 survivors were served by FALC. We currently have 100+ survivors in our Butterfly Continuum of Care community of long-term support and 70% of those survivors received case management services.