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Goodwill Columbus

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Transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment through pathways to independence and the power of work.


Goodwill is a human services agency committed to workforce development, community inclusion for people with disabilities, and environmental stewardship through responsible recycling. Our efforts are supported by our social enterprise businesses.

Our Social Impact

We measure how many people served in a year, hours of service to those individuals, number of job placements, number of volunteers, number of volunteer hours, hourly wages for those we helped place into employment, tonnage of material diverted from the landfill, and total revenue and expenditures.
In 2017, Goodwill Columbus provided approximately 1.65 million hours of service to 1,993 individuals through developmental disabilities day habilitation programs, community-based supported living services and job training services, which placed 182 people into competitive employment through workforce development programs. As Goodwill President and CEO Margie Pizzuti often says, “It takes a village,” to support the success of any organization, and this is accomplished through a team of 1,300 dedicated staff, who play a major role in helping Goodwill deliver services to the community. In 2017, more than 2,200 volunteers from a variety of corporate and civic associations – as well as individual citizen-contributors – provided 33,000 hours of service to Goodwill, which made a meaningful difference in the lives of the organization’s participants. 50% of the job placements we helped facilitate last year earned more than $10 an hour. These numbers are a result of targeted efforts and demonstrate substantial increase from 2014’s figure of $8.94 an hour.