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Hemisphere Coffee Roasters

Food & Drink

Importing and roasting coffee from growing communities to create jobs, thereby restoring farmers dignity through economic sustainability


To create direct markets in the US for coffee growers around the world, enabling them to experience thriving communities. We import and roast coffee from growing communities to see them become thriving communities; jobs created and coffee farmer's dignity restored through their economic sustainability.

Our Social Impact

Social impact is measured from the number of shipping containers that are imported directly from a farmer each year. Along with that, Hemisphere Coffee Roasters and the farmer work in complete transparency when it come to expenses and profits. As the quality of coffee goes up, the price goes up. However, to get the quality up is more expensive (inputs, labor, etc.)
Current Numbers:
Three containers this year from Diego Chavarria, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

One container from 9 small growers in Sumatra Indonesia

One container from 25 small growers in Doi Cheng village in norther Thailand.