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Kicks Mix Bookstore

Office Supplies & Professional Resources

Supporting our bookstore enables us to provide more opportunities for more individuals with developmental disabilities.


Our business provides community integration and job training in a variety of ways. In addition, Kicks Mix Bookstore contributes to local arts and cultural diversity of downtown Newark, Ohio through community events and access to books. 

Our Social Impact

We measure our social impact in a number of ways, including the events and classes that occur at our store, the number adults with developmental disabilities center, and the number of individuals that secure full-time employment after completing that are trained at our day our training. In 2016 we measured our social impact in the following ways: 8 local author events, featuring 12 local authors. 4 part-time employees (adults with DD) have moved on to fulltime positions within our community. 12 events, partnering with other local businesses and the Downtown Newark Association to provide an opportunity for family participation. Provided 52 classes to the community to teach book recycling. Have been a collection spot for over 5,000 used books. Customer base rose 82%.