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Mod Squad

Home & Lawn

Central Ohio's one-stop shop for quality, professional home maintenance services. Mod Squad is for everyone - and each project raises funds to provide safe housing for qualified disabled and low-income seniors.


Mod Squad is a thoughtfully designed social enterprise serving as Central Ohio’s one-stop shop for handyman services. Make your home more beautiful, more comfortable and more functional with Mod Squad. Whether you’re a young pro with better things to do, a parent with too much to do, or the DIY scene is just not for you, Mod Squad can help. Mod Squad can fix it, modify it, or replace it with a trusted team of bonded and insured home maintenance pros. You'll love the results, and each project helps fund similar projects for a needy family in Central Ohio.

Our Social Impact

Although recently launched and not yet collecting data, Mod Squad will measure their social impact in the following ways:
- Number of people employed
- Number of people served
- Number of homes made safer or restored
- Number of neighborhoods served
- Number of homes or residents reached with information
- Donations, grants and funds received
- Number of volunteers and volunteer hours
- Number of projects