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RATIO supports artists & global communities through photography printed on wood, and give-back model to both the artist and a charitable organization in the photograph’s origin country.


The name RATIO is inspired by the notion of 1:1. We are all made from the same ‘stuff’, all breathe the same air, and all strive for happiness. We may all live very different lives, but when we can see the world through compassion we can understand that we are not that different.

We believe that travel teaches compassion. Each time one of our artists captures an image we get to take a little something from that community. We take lessons, we take memories and we take a new way of seeing life. Therefore, we want to give back to these places that have given us so much.

We sell travel photography which we call "visual vibes" because they are created using moments that remind us how we are all connected and alive with possibilities.

Our Social Impact

The main way we measure our social impact is based on how much we are able to donate to the five non-profits and artists we partner with. In 2017 we donated $947.66 which is more than twice as much as we donated in 2016 which was our first full year in business.