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Roots Up Farms

Food & Drink

Radically simplify how people engage with food and improve our collective health


Roots Up designs and builds sustainable food systems while providing education and access to nutrition for community members

Our Social Impact

We have no sales yet, but we recently completed our full-scale demo unit and multiple proposals in the works. Some metrics we plan to use include, but are not limited to:
Pounds of fresh food produced
Calories and nutritional value produced
Number of meals provided to the community
Amount of food waste reduced
Gallons of water conserved in farming

We have built 400 sq ft of raised beds in the backyard for households in the King Lincoln District, including access for 13 children. We built 350 sq ft of raised beds on the MPACC Box Park to increase access to local produce for WIllowbeez SoulVeg and community members and friends of the Maroon Arts Group.