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Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX)


To create generations of confident girls who control their own relationships, experiences, decisions and futures.


ROX implements evidence-based programming for girls in more than 250 schools across the country, conducts large-scale national research with girls and educates the community on the complex issues impacting girls.

Our Social Impact

We are creating a movement where we are creating generations of confident girls who are in control of their own relationships, experiences, decisions and futures. We use the best practices in sociological, educational and psychological research to implement evidence-based empowerment programming in schools with girls.

We are changing girls’ lives in profound and substantial ways and giving them options and control over their relationships, experiences, decisions and futures. This year we will have more than 250 ROX programs in 13 states impacting more than 3,500 girls. We are also leading the national conversation on the issues impacting girls because we are conducting the country’s foremost research with girls. We surveyed nearly 11,000 girls in The Girls’ Index, the nation’s largest survey of girls in grades 5-12. We are swiftly and responsively disseminating our data as widely as possible so that we are immediately contributing to the solution. While we are actively developing content, we are also sharing our learnings so that we, alongside other who work with girls, are actively addressing the problems and creating rapid responses.

We use both quantitative and qualitative data-collection procedures including psychometric surveys and assessment tools when we study the impact of ROX. Our instruments have been validated and normed with diverse populations and have published reliability information. We know that what we are doing is changing individual girls, school systems and entire communities.

We measure impact in tangible ways based upon program participation and attendance. This school year we will have approximately 3,400 girls in ROX programs. In addition, we deliver dozens of training workshops and professional development to the adults who influence girls lives, such as teachers, counselors, parents and mentors. At the conclusion of 2018, we will have trained more than 8,000 adults through ROX workshops and trainings.