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School Performance Institute at United School Network


Learn Today. Change Tomorrow.


To seek out, study, and spread school design and instructional best practices to the educators who need them the most.

School Performance Institute (SPI) is the learning and improvement arm of United Schools Network (USN). As a social enterprise, SPI has a triple bottom line which includes (1) driving continual improvement within network schools to fuel innovation and improved academic outcomes, (2) sharing improvement lessons and knowledge outside of USN, and (3) generating revenue for the network. Ensuring we meet our triple bottom line is essential to our work as a social enterprise.

Our Social Impact

We are on a mission to create more gap-closing schools—schools that are able to close the achievement gap between economically disadvantaged students and their more affluent peers. We do this by assisting educators on their journey to improve: increasing the knowledge, capacity and skills of teachers and school leaders working in education through best-practices and instructional design. We measure our impact through our workshops and training.

We have created seven professional development workshops that have been designed and tested in our schools. We have trained more than 50 school leaders over the past 6 months and plan to train an additional 50+ teachers and school leaders in the next 6 months. We will annually increase the number trained by 50% each year for the next five years, positively impacting 4,000 students in schools the first year with an increase of 50% each year for the next five years. (Estimated calculation: the 100 teachers from 20 different schools with 200 students in each school).

We are currently leading complex improvement consulting projects for multiple external organizations. We have created unique professional development opportunities that have been designed and tested in our schools. More than 250 district and school leaders and teachers have been trained in USN’s methods in the past 2.5 years. Additionally, SPI’s team has served on and moderated panels, presented at a number of conferences, and provided training to multiple groups.