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Welcoming City


A place where Everyone is Accepted and Respected


Our mission is to provide access and opportunity to prosperity for all residents through economic, cultural, and community integration – where everyone is accepted and respected. The goal is to assist New Americans with securing a temporary employment placement through our staffing agency. Initial focus is on the logistics and distribution industry. Additional services include ESL classes and cultural integration services.

Our Social Impact

Key metrics that we will be monitoring for social impact include the following:
1. Number of employees (applicants and employed)
2. Total payroll dollars generated
3. Total payroll tax generated
4. Economic impact on local community (direct, indirect, and induced)
During our recent 12-week-long pilot project, 67 people applied for employment, and 49 people secured a temporary job placement. Additionally, 7 people went on to apply for permanent full-time positions at the job site.
Project revenue - $126,000
Sales tax paid to the state - $9,160
Net income for employees - $82,770
Total payroll tax paid - $24,612