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Youth Yoga Project


Youth Yoga Project is committed to providing access to yoga mindfulness through a curriculum for K-12 students to improve their physical, social, and emotional wellbeing and increase their academic success.


We have a particular focus on serving students in under-resourced communities that wouldn’t normally have access to this programming. The mindfulness tools taught in our curriculum are practical, evidenced-based, trauma-informed, and require no special equipment- just your breath and body. Students gain valuable life-long healthy coping skills to regulate their emotions and stay learning ready in the classroom.

We provide a mindfulness curriculum to empower educators to teach social-emotional learning through mindfulness in school and after-school settings. We also lead many training sessions geared towards educators and community members who are interested

Our Social Impact

We measure our impact by the number of students, educators, and schools served.
Pre-post test assessments measuring social and emotional competence in students
Discipline and attendance rates

After participating in our curriculum, students have reported a 75% increase in their ability to manage their emotions and teachers report a 20% decrease in out of class removals.
Since 2017, we have grown from serving 5 schools to 35 schools. During the 2019-2020 school year, we experienced over 50% growth, empowering 1500 teachers, 40,000 students, and expanding from Columbus to schools in Toledo, Cleveland, Springfield, and Cincinnati.