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Zero Waste Event Productions

Other & Professional Service

We go above and beyond to not only keep events clean but to ensure that as much material as possible is kept from the landfill


Zero Waste Event Productions aims to help festival and event organizers keep grounds clean and comfortable for attendees and manage all material generated with an emphasis on waste reduction through reuse, recycling, and composting.

It is our goal to help events achieve a Zero Waste Status, the diversion of 90% or more of all material from the landfill, and to gain recognition for these efforts in environmental sustainability.

Our Social Impact

-# of festivals and events serviced with waste diversion services (2020: 141 events serviced)

-# (in lbs.) of recyclable and compostable materials diverted from landfill (2020: 330,782 lbs of material diverted)

-# of people reached with information about waste reduction and diversion (2020: Over 600,000 people reached)

-Money paid to support Zero Waste Event Productions’ employees/contractors (Target: $58,915 paid)