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The SocialVentures Advisor Program

Central Ohio is known for its collaborative spirit. Our Advisor Program fuels that spirit by bringing professional talent to social entrepreneurs to make the sector stronger, more successful, and with greater social impact.

Get Involved

What Social Entrepreneurs Need and How You Can Get Involved

Social entrepreneurs are mostly small business people. They can use advice in a range of areas and in a range of methods. If you need expertise or have it in one of the topics below, fill out the appropriate questionnaire so we can find the match that will be most rewarding and productive for you.

Business Plan Review
Marketing Strategy
Accounting & Taxes
Legal Designation
Human Resources
Social Media
Impact Measurement

Double Touts

Expert willing to help?

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Social Entrepreneur looking for guidance?

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How the program works

Step 1
Tell us more.
Click 'Apply Now' in the box above to let us know more about what help you need or can offer and the length of commitment that you are looking for.
Step 2
We identify possible matches.
We review your responses and suggest a few matches that make sense to us.
Step 3
You prioritize.
Review our suggestions and let us know your preferences.
Step 4
Make introductions.
After finding the best match, we introduce the social entrepreneur and the advisor and let you take it from there. We will check in with you periodically to make sure the match is successful.

Single Tout

Want to help but not ready to commit to being an advisor? Find a volunteer opportunity.