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Center for Social Enterprise Development launches new SE Catalyst™ initiative

Five Central Ohio nonprofit organizations selected to participate in first cohort

COLUMBUS, Ohio, 10 February 2016
—The Center for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) has launched SE Catalyst,™ an intensive eight-month immersion initiative for Central Ohio nonprofits who wish to develop sustainable, social enterprise ventures. Five nonprofit organizations in Central Ohio will participate in CSED’s first SE Catalyst cohort: Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus, Community Shares of Mid Ohio, IMPACT Community Action, Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (ESCCO), and Gladden Community House.

The participants were selected through a competitive application process which evaluated their readiness, willingness, and capacity to devote significant staff time and resources to development of a new venture through group participation. 

SE Catalyst™ is a program of CauseImpact LLC that has demonstrated success in Nashville in producing a pipeline of investment-ready social enterprises. The program integrates a group cohort model approach with customized support for each individual participating organization. The program combines classroom instruction with coaching, technical assistance, and the real-world application of tools, approaches and principles to develop social enterprise ventures.

“We are excited to more deeply develop a program that will support success for teens in our community, but also help build the entrepreneurial culture of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus,” said Rebecca Asmo, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus.

Throughout the course of this initiative, each organization will build an Impact Team,™ participate in periodic group training sessions with the entire cohort, and work to craft and deliver a formal written plan of action that is ready for launch. At the end of the eight-month program, each participating organization will pitch a final plan to a panel of experts and compete for funding.

“The success of Community Shares to date has been all due to one element: collaboration,” said Teresa Trost, Executive Director, Community Shares of Mid Ohio. “For us to further our mission and vision we know it requires new relationships and collaborations to help us reach further. I’m excited to be working with The Center for Social Enterprise Development and my fellow cohort members to expand our collective impact in the community.”

CSED provides cause-driven organizations with training and education, networking opportunities and mentorship on social enterprise to help conceive and launch new and innovative earned-revenue opportunities, designed to realize impactful, sustainable, mission-driven social change.

“As one of the leading agencies fighting the war on poverty, we are clear that grant-funded programs and services alone will not win the war,” said Robert “Bo” Chilton, CEO of IMPACT Community Action. “A comprehensive strategy fueled by innovation and entrepreneurship is necessary if we are to make an impact on poverty. Our participation in the SE Catalyst Program is a leap forward that will enhance the way we do business and transform the lives of the people we serve.”

Nonprofit sustainability requires increased reliance on earned revenues to strengthen nonprofits’ balance sheets, protect them from fluctuations in philanthropic gifts, and stabilize their mission activities during fluctuations in the economy. Social enterprise is an emerging solution to provide new sources of earned revenues to enhance sustainability.

“The main appeal of the SE Catalyst program for the ESC of Central Ohio is the opportunity to work in partnership with nonprofits who bring to the program a laser focus and deeply held passion for the social impact they are committed to making in the community,” said Tom Goodney, Superintendent of Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (ESCCO). “I want our agency to be as committed to the social impact of each of our enterprises as we are to other performance measures—and SE Catalyst affords us a unique opportunity to make significant strides toward that goal.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to be part of the SE Catalyst initiative to develop a social enterprise to sustain the valuable services we offer to Franklinton residents and to do more in the area of economic development,” said Joy Chivers, President and CEO of Gladden Community House.

For more information about CSED, contact Allen Proctor by calling 614-314-3855, or sending an email to



About the Center for Social Enterprise Development
The Center for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in June 2014. Its mission is to provide information, training, mentoring, and support to enable charitable organizations to develop new business activities that show strong promise of producing new sources of revenues to support and advance their charitable mission. CSED programs are open to all interested individuals and organizations who are dedicated to producing social impact from commercial activities primarily in the Central Ohio region.