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Impact Assurance by SocialVentures

All new in 2020

SocialVentures designed this program to help organizations meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, and Community Engagement goals and empower them to tell richer, more meaningful stories about the impact and breadth of those programs, including qualitative and quantitative evidence of the programs’ achievements.

Social Enterprise Services

Do you want to track and validate the impact of your B2B purchases and philanthropic programs? Impact Assurance can help. Here’s how:

  • Social Impact Management: Manage your company’s entire social-responsibility program.
  • Social Impact Reporting: Identify total dollar value of your purchases and create a thorough social-impact report.
  • Impact Certification: Certify the impact of current and future
    vendors through our Impact Assurance program, increasing confidence in your vendors’ credibility.
  • Impact Stories: Increase awareness and learning and
    illuminate the benefits of partnering with social-impact vendors by leveraging the power of narrative and story.
  • Social Enterprise Markets: Provide opportunities for your employees to meet vendors and learn about the impact those vendors create. These events reinforce your organization’s commitment to social responsibility, generating employee enthusiasm and loyalty.

To learn more, contact Josh Barry, Chief Strategy Officer, at