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As the world has had to adjust to new challenges and obstacles, so does our favorite social enterprise celebration. While we are disappointed we cannot see you at our in-person Positioned to Prosper event, we are very excited to launch RePositioned to Prosper: PtP Reimagined!

This week-long program, from August 25 – August 28, will offer you five virtual events to keep you in-the-know on all things social enterprise. Hear from community leaders, veteran business owners, and influencers in the space to educate and inspire you.


Events include:

  • Shifting Mindsets: Being a Social Entrepreneur in 2020
    • Simply living in 2020 is hard; being a social entrepreneur is a new level of difficult. Join us to hear more about the unique challenges of being a social entrepreneur during a world-wide pandemic. How do these dedicated business owners continue to keep their mission front of mind in the face of more pressing issues? Click here to learn more and register. 
    • Moderated by Suzy Bureau, Founder of GiveBackHack
    • Panelists announced soon! 
    • Tuesday, August 25 @ 4pm


  • Strength in Numbers: Government Financing for Social Enterprise
    • You have heard a lot about the Federal programs to help small business survive the COVID shutdowns.  Attend this panel to hear about the new program launched jointly by the City of Columbus and Franklin County, administered by ECDI. Click here to learn more and to reserve your spot. 
    • Moderated by Allen Proctor, President & CEO of SocialVentures
    • Invited Panelists include:
      • Shannon Hardin, President, Columbus City Council
      • Marilyn Brown, Franklin County Commissioner
      • Steve Fireman, President, ECDI
    • Wednesday, August 26 @ 10am


  • Q&A with the Director of The New Breed: The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur
    • THE NEW BREED documents the rise of a new generation of change-makers, using business to tackle the worlds biggest social and environmental problems. The film captures the journey of three compelling millennials as they start businesses to tackle social and environmental issues; including poverty, homelessness and environmental pollution.

      The project itself is a social enterprise, proceeds from the film will provide film equipment and training to young filmmakers from disadvantaged backgrounds around the world. Click here to watch, and then join us for a Q&A with the film-maker as he joins us from Australia to dive deeper into the making of the film. 

      Watch the film at and then click here to register for the interactive Q&A with Pete Williams, the filmmaker. 
    • Wednesday, August 26 @ 2pm


  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Procurement as Social Impact
    • Committing to Social Responsibility isn’t just for individuals anymore – it’s an integral part of the modern business model. Join us to explore how businesses stand to make a positive impact by procuring from social enterprises in their area thereby supporting both social missions and the local business economy.  On top of this, businesses themselves stand to benefit from funding social change – Corporate Social Responsibility boosts employee morale and attracts socially-conscious consumers. For businesses, committing to social responsibility is a win-win. Click here to learn more and register. 
    • Thursday, August 27 @ 12pm



In addition to the Q&A Panels and Trivia Night, we also invite you to participate in the Trail for Good. Visit some of your favorite Columbus spots in a scavenger hunt format to earn a free shirt and learn about how our community supports social enterprise. More information coming soon!

Just like all entrepreneurs, we are always adapting and changing, and we hope you will join us for a week unlike any other in the world of social enterprise!