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Social Impact Validation Pilot Program

Photo of Social Impact Validation Seal

SocialVentures and Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio (BBB), in collaboration with Measurement Resources Company (MRC), are advancing a pilot program to develop a new service that will review, validate, and communicate the social impact created by social enterprises in Central Ohio. Twelve social enterprise pilot participants have started to market test this new seal with consumers.

Prior to launching the pilot, SocialVentures partnered with Lextant to conduct consumer focus groups. Focus group participants expressed a desire for the social enterprises they support to live up to their claims, and underscored that the combination of integrating social impact into the business model and providing a dependable product or service are two components that help create trust around the organization’s work. SocialVentures, in partnership with the BBB, and in collaboration with Measurement Resources Company (MRC), launched its Pilot Product Development Group in January 2018.

The pilot launched in January 2018, and will continue through June 2019, with the goal to publicly launch the service to social enterprises and nonprofits in Central Ohio in the latter half of 2019. All 12 organizations participating in the Pilot Product Development Group have successfully achieved validation and will now begin to market test this designation by integrating a seal throughout their marketing, fundraising, and consumer outreach initiatives.

Twelve leading Central Ohio nonprofit and social enterprises led by 10 professionals serve as members of the Pilot Product Development Group and will now market test the validation service. Consumers will see the validation seal appearing on the products and marketing materials of the social enterprises and will have their validated social impact statements featured on the BBB website, as well as on SocialVentures’ online Marketplace.

Pilot Product Development Group

Pilot Product Development Group members include the following organizations, and consumers are encouraged to purchase goods and services from these organizations, whose social impact has been validated: